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SO with red faction 3 coming out soon I've been playing some of the older ones. Red Faction and Red Faction 2. Its always funny from what I remember of the game is different than what I found today. With red Faction I found out that I really suck at it now, hell its been 5 years since I played it. Almost beat it on hard mode but I saved in a bad spot with low health :P. Oh well. This was the one FPS that I could rock and destroy people who would usually destroy me on Halo. The AI is horrible and they know where you are :P but I still like this game...

RF2 ehhh better graphics yeah but still the same problems. From where I'm at in it Geo Mod isn't really used in it, unlike RF where most of the walls can be destroyed.

Can't wait for RF3, just kinda sad that its not an fps :P

Oh and I sent out my 360... soon I will be back in the fallout 3 swing.
Red Faction

Red Faction (PS2)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 23/MAY/01
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